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The Refining Process

We also excels in refining and assessing gold through two large-scale industrial processes at our current facilities. In the initial phase, most impurities are eliminated through the first step of hot furnace refining. All tasks are performed by our in-house technicians under rigorous supervision.

In essence, a refinery acquires raw materials such as gold nuggets or doré from mining companies. These materials undergo heating to form molten metal, and chlorine gas is injected to separate the gold from other metal impurities. Following the separation process, the gold undergoes testing, known as assaying, to ascertain its purity before being cast into bars.

For a more comprehensive understanding, a detailed step-by-step guide elucidates our specific procedures at The Whiteline Gold Refinery in Zambia. This meticulous approach guarantees our partners receive gold of the utmost quality and purity.

Here's a detailed process overview of how we ensure the highest quality and purity of gold at The Mumbwa Gold Leaching in Zambia:

The process begins with the melting of rough gold deposits in our Melt House. Here, the gold is heated and electromagnetically stirred. Representative samples are extracted using immersion dip sampling for further analysis.

Five samples are taken, three of which are sent to our advanced laboratory. The remaining two samples are kept for independent customer and umpire analysis.

Our highly skilled team of chemists and technicians, boasting over 20 years of combined experience, conduct precise assaying in one of the most advanced precious metals assay laboratories in the southern hemisphere.

Using high accuracy micro balances, our experts record weights to one-millionth of a gram, with the latest balance reading ten-millionth of a gram. The process involves:

  • XRF Screening: This step determines the presence of gold, silver, and base metals.
  • Fire Assay: It separates base metals from precious metals. This dual stream analysis, conducted by separate analysts, ensures maximum accuracy and provides a truly representative sample of the melt.

Our assaying accuracy has been rigorously tested by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), certifying our gold analysis to be within 0.001 per cent. This level of precision and unwavering attention to detail ensures producers achieve their highest return on investment.

Video Footage

Embark on a fascinating journey through the art and science of Gold Refining with our exclusive video footage. Delve into the intricate techniques employed by skilled craftsmen to purify raw gold into its most exquisite form. Witness the meticulous processes of chemical refining, melting, and casting, transforming impure gold into a lustrous, precious metal.